Interlude Week – HAPPY PRIDE!!!

Hello All!

Last weekend i got a massive tattoo and put my drawing arm out of commission for the days when i get the most progress on pages – so smart and forward thinking of me. That means that this week is an interlude of sorts!!

You are seeing a rare burst of color from this comic with the celebration of PRIDE MONTH!

Next you will be seeing some left-handed sketches – thats right! Sketches i did with my left hand, while my right arm was actin’ a fool. Let us observe:

Walter, Simi, Charlie, and Sarge (who does have a name, i promise)

I used to try this left-handed sketching exercise all of the time – its more of a fun brain trick than anything else. Most of my sketches have lopsided faces/features, and trying to get your left hand to draw can counteract that bad habit!

And finally some fashion sketches of Simi, because she is my girl.

And that is all, folx! Thanks for sticking around through a page-less week!!